Monday, December 12, 2011

Youth Pastor Nolan Speaks

The student leaders at VP are some of the best. They are catching their campus on fire and making an impact. Wednesday Nolan shared a powerful message to all the students on God's love. Of how God meets us where are are at in all our mess and loves us through it. Through you parents and supporters this is possible. Through your physical support, pizza, goods, and prayer a difference is being made and the students are standing strong.

Friday, October 28, 2011

2 Cal State Fullerton Athletes Visit FCA - 10/26

Kriza (CSUF- Sprinter) from Long Beach Poly, and Jana lee West (CSUF- Soccer) from SD both shared with the students Wednesday during FCA. The students were supported and blessed from the "Parent Team" with Pizza and goods for the day. The FCA grew from the first event/huddle which is a blessing and more impact. Please continue to be in prayer for the students, the campus, and FCA's purposes on campus.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Leadership 10/19

Leadership is solid with great depth this year. They spent a good amount of time in the word, prayer, and fellowship. There purpose is to impact the campus and reach therir highest level of performance with their talent for the Lord. All this, as they pursue the life God calls them to live.

First Event- 10/12

The students at VP are off to a pretty good start in their first event of the year. It was a time where students got to know each other over some free Pizza provided by FCA Staff, the student leaders raffled off some gift cards, as the leaders laid out the details to the student body the plans and expectations for the new year. Please continue to be in prayer for the students to live to the three purposes of FCA.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FCA Leadership Meetings Have Started at VPHS - 9/17/11

The leadership team at VP is off to a great start. by far there are more leaders at VP than any of my other schools. It looks like with a good "Parent team" and prayer, these kids are going to have a great year of major impact on a campus that is in a major need of support. Please continue to be in prayer for the campus and the kids of FCA. There first out reach event is on Oct 12th in the small gym at lunch as always. Leadership meetings are held in room T8A the days we are not in the gym.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CSUF- (Basketball) Omondi Amoke- 3/23

Omondi Amoke( Basketball) shared about going from the #1 high school choice in basketball his senior year, to not having a scholarship, and then finding God. He was an outstanding influence for the kids. A special thank you goes out to all that are a part of this journey and support in any way to see God move through these kids and their campus. Let’s continue to remain in prayer together.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leadership 3/15

Tuesday the 15th Leaders met for a time of fellowship, planning, with a heart inventory from Haydon, and a bible study from Luke. The leaders also prayed for Japan, the school, FCA, and the outreach huddle event next week in the gym. Please continue to be in prayer that God uses FCA to impact lives on this campus.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Biola & CSUF Athletes Speak- 3/8

Tuesday was another solid out reach for the FCA group. As two soccer players from Biola and a gymnast from CSUF came to speak. They all shared about how they are walking with God and how they are living and preforming to honor and glorify him. Through weekly bible studies, outreaches, prayer before meets and games, and other small things, these three athletes brought great examples and influence to these younger men and women. A continued thank you to all the people that make this happen through your support, prayer, and service. Through you a difference is being made. Please continue to be in prayer for FCA, VP, and that God moves on this campus.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Leadership 3/1

Tuesday the 1st was another inspiring leadership meeting where Mark Vega and Joe Luigs lead the bible study and heart inventory on our semester theme "Catch Fire". The FCA's prayer, hope, and work is to see God move on this campus and in their lives in a powerful way. Through the "Parent Team" support and this FCA group God is moving and we are making a difference. Please continue to be in prayer.

Monday, February 28, 2011

USC Legend & 4 FCA Leaders- Lead 9 To Christ- 2/22

Tuesday USC football legend "Rudy" big Tommy did a Q & A with 4 FCA students about how they honor and glorify the Lord in their sport and in their life. Then Tommy shared how God has moved in his life from playing football with Ronnie Lott and Marcus Allen, to being the USC Chaplin for 10 years , to around the world in Ministry. Through it all, 9 kids raised their hand to receive the Lord or rededicate their life to him.
A thank you to all you on the FCA parent team that have been praying and serving to see God move in and through the lives on this campus. The campus and these kids need our continued prayers. God, please continue to move here at Villa Park through FCA, the local churches, and this community. I pray that you move in each and everyone of these kids. Amen.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Annual OC FCA "Night of Champions" - 2011

1200 kids attended with approx. 200 parents also.
1020 burgers given out in 2 hours/
70 different schools represented/Over 100 volunteers
130 kids made a decision to follow Christ! amen

Leadership- 2/15

Tuesday was another great leadership meeting as Cal Kavanaugh lead a study from the bible and Christine Licata give the heart inventory for the week. Our theme is “Catch Fire”. Please continue to take some time to pray that these kids catch fire in their life to see God move in a powerful way and that God moves on this campus. A special thank you to the team parents that are praying and providing with their resources. God is moving through you and the kids.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Former NFL QB/ Author/ TV show owner- Egypt Mckee

Former NFL QB Egypt Mckee came to speak Tuesday at Villa Park High FCA. It was another great time of fellowship, outreach, and growing in the Lord.
God, We pray that you move through the kids to stand strong in their walk with you and that you impact this campus. amen
Lets continue to stay in prayer together for the kids.
  1. This Friday is “Night of Champions” all supporters and parents are encouraged and welcome to come. ( There will be a place up top for you) Info can be found here –
  2. FCA “Parent Team” Meeting- NEXT Tuesday Night at 7pm in room T8A- in the back of the school. You are welcome to pull around to the side

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Shocking Reality

Tuesday in our Leadership meeting we started our new series and bible study. Each leadership meeting we have a time of bible study, a testimony, and a time of prayer. Our theme for this semester is "Catch Fire". The leadership's prayer, study, and heart is to catch fire with God to see him move in a powerful way in their life and this campus

One of our Juinor leaders of FCA spoke and gave our testimony of the day. It was shocking to here all that she has been through and to see how God is moving in the midst. Not everyone of the kids on this campus may say it, but a lot of these kids have it tough, with a lot of pressure, and they need our support and prayer. Lets continue to take the time and pray for them, FCA, and this campus. They need it!

Our Next FCA Huddle/Event will be next Tuesday in the Gym. Former NFL QB- Egypt Mckee will be there to speak.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Night Of Champions- *Coming* 2/11/11

FCA "Night of Champions" will be Friday Feb 11th at Mariners Church from 6-10pm and its all free. (*Parents are welcome and encouraged to come. There will be a section just for you up top*). Guest speakers include many pro and collegiate athletes with free food from In & Out Burger. We expect over 1,000 FCA students from within over 60 Orange County School FCA's. Main speaker will be USC's Matt Barkley. More info coming soon. You can also find more info at

Why Doubt? 1/25

Local youth pastor Ja Hewitt came to speak Tuesday. It was good to see some old and news faces coming for fellowship and growth in their walk. Villa Park is a school that we really need to pray for. The worldly values have an extreme strong hold on this campus. The popular and older crew are continuing that tradition. You can see and feel it every time you walk on the campus. The great thing is that God's grace is enough and through prayer and action from the students that walk on this campus a difference is being made. I just pray that we can break the strong hold that is on this school. Let join in prayer.
God, I ask that you move on Villa Park high school. Take the influencers on this campus, young and old, and move through them to impact. Help them stand strong in their walk with you. I pray they take the same heart they have at beating Canyon and look use it to WIN with you first. Amen.

FCA night of champions will be Feb 11th at Mariners Church. Guest speakers include many pro and collegiate athletes. We expect over 1,000 FCA students from within over 60 Orange County School FCA's. Main speaker will be USC's Matt Barkley. More info coming soon. You can also find more info at

Friday, January 21, 2011

Leadership- 1/18

Tuesday LEADERS of FCA met for fellowship, planning, and growing in their walk with God. The next huddle/ big event in the gym is Tuesday the 25th. Lets continue to pray for the kids and their walk. The Lord has a plan for all of them. Lets pray they stay tight with him to reach it all. There are many ways we strengthen and reach lives through FCA, but nothing happens without prayer. Its great to be back.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Party- Outreach- 12/14

Tuesday the FCA students had their final event of the semester. Through this outreach they were supplied pizza, raffle items, goodies, and drinks by parents. They had a live DJ, some FCA leaders break dancing,  and they spent some time reaching out with the real reason of the season. Leader Mark Vega shared the reason we celebrate Christmas.
Lets continue to pray that God will have his hand upon these students and that he moves through them to make a difference on their campus.
Merry Christmas to you all!
In Him,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Biola University Athletes Speak

Biola's freshman basketball "Chelsey" speaks at VP on Tuesday. Chesley shared her story of coming from Fargo North Dakota to play basketball at Biola University and tearing her ACL. It was a great influence and impact on the students.
A continued thank you to all the parents that make this happen. Through you God is moving.
Lets continue to pray that god will have his hand upon the students and move through FCA.
In Him,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leadership Meeting- 11/30

Today the 30+ leaders of FCA met to pray and plan their next events, which will be in the gym on Dec 7th and 14th. As usual, one of the leaders shared the "heart inventory".  Natalie shared about how she was taken away from the sport she had been playing all her life due to a rare eye condition. Yet, it was a great example and influence for the group to see just how they are to lean on the truths of God and trust he has an ultimate plan for their life.

Parent please continue to pray that God will have his hand upon the kids and move through this ministry to impact their lives and the campus.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Event/ Outreach- 11/17


Today the students had Ja Hewitt (youth Pastor) come in and speak. The students understand that FCA is only a bridge to the local church. Thus meaning that the students understand that we need a family at school as well as a church (Christ's body) to encourage us, and a place that is taking us closer to the person God desires us to become. It was a simple chance to invite and encourage the importance of Church.

A special thank you to the parents here that stepped to the plate in prayer, pizza, raffle items, waters, goodies, and their physical presence this Wednesday. God is moving because of you.  Lets continue to pray that God will have his hand upon the kids, this school, and that we see him move this year.
In Him,

Monday, November 1, 2010

VIlla Park Second Event

Villa Park High school FCA had their second event/huddle Tuesday. With another 150 in attendance, some cool things are happening. The students effort is to create a place where Christan's can stand together, grow, and reach out to the school and their friends to share the word of God. This week Egypt McKee- Former NFL QB/ now TV show host/ Author- came to inspire and challenge the students to take comfort in just who God made them to be. Click here to see Pictures and Videos of the Event-!/profile.php?id=100001460144336

Last week Jay Hewitt came to the school to help equip the 35-40 leaders in their efforts to reach the campus for impact and help in their effort of getting their friends into the church of community believers.
Keep praying.
In him,

Villa Park High First Event

Villa Park High School had a high of 50 students attending last year to our event/huddles. The 30-40 leaders here this year are blowing it up. As I assist, equip, and mentor leaders, these guys are running wide open to make a stand together, creating a place to grow, and reaching out to the campus. Our first event we had around 125 students attend. Parent support was awesome with there service, free pizza, waters, goodies, and free raffle items. The kids were greatful! Keep praying. Soon there will be more pictures on facebook- Villa Park FCA- a link is attached - Just click the Title at the top
In him, Brad